Sunset By The Sea


This is the sum of all I’ve learned and loved through all of art history. Monet, Munch, Kadinsky, J Sargent.

What I love about impressionism is that it’s never about the subject, but all about the colour variations of the subject, how the light hits the object differently making it an entirely different object every-time. How the brush strokes and texture give it depth and dimension. Giving the subject of apprehension a life of it’s own. Than, It becomes about not just viewing the object as a bystander but transcends to how it makes you feel. And I suppose in that way, this is not an emulation of the subject but a thing of beauty on it’s own and I love that about art, because all of life and art is mirroring of the past and all of what lies in front of it. That is how, as human beings we learn and grow and how we come to appreciate beauty in every living, breathing thing around us.

Sending positive vibes today through this one.


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