This is a small 1 × 1ft piece I created for #mosaicofpakistan’s depicting the theme of ‘hope’ for anyone who’d care for this idea. Often colour’s show us a world we barely dare to think of ourselves. Making stark comparisons for us. Between light and day, good and evil, hopelessness to hopefulness. This hope, painted on by my hands is not just an ode for all the innocent lives lost for the cause of, in the line of and because of ‘Pakistan’ but also for all those innocent and speechless people who have lost their lives for ideas they believed in for the betterment of Pakistan. Their individuality and beliefs stripped away simply because they lost the war of finding themselves on the fortunate side of fate.
And yet, man wishes to persevere and dominate whenever and wherever it may, historically and presently, we have lost the race for humanity and yet, something remains. The light at the end of the tunnel. This light emerging from thick blackened clouds enveloping it and yet giving way to it. This is what I have wished to depict. The constant mirage of hope against all odds, despite the gloom and doom of today. #hope and #love is what survives us in the end.
May we continue to love and cherish that about us as Pakistani’s and as human’s of this world.

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